Woods Runner

Samuel barely knew a war had started when his home was destroyed and his parents taken prisoner. While searching for them, he asks Abner “Did he [King George] start the war?”
“Probably not. It began on this side of the ocean in Boston, not over there. People were sick of being treated like livestock.”

From the Afterward:

“The men fighting, and dying, in the War for Independence were, for the most part, average young workingmen with little or no military training. They were fighting the most powerful nation on earth. And they suffered those horrendous casualty rates for an appalling eight years. That these young men and boys stood to as they did, in the face of withering odds, and actually won and created a new country with their blood, is nothing short of astonishing.”

In just a few generations, their descendants squandered those sacrifices and chose dependence on government.

Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen



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