Theodora didn’t apply to the Space Academy. In fact, she stunned the entire school when she asked the recruiter why anybody in their right mind would want to go. Then how does she end up with a cadet appointment and on her way into space?

D.A. by Connie Willis



Space Station Rat

Once Rat experiences sunshine, she knows she must be free. But her escape lands her on a space station. How can Rat survive there and remain free?

Space Station Rat by Michael J. Daley



Earth policies have become intolerable and the colonial worlds are beginning to rebel. One thing leads to another, and the rough-edged individualists of the frontier world Greenwood are drawn into the struggle for independence.

Patriots by David Drake


The Stars are Ours!

As Kimber explains to Dard, the first Pax dictator “wanted to force his pattern for living on everyone else, for their own good, of course.” What develops is a brutal dictatorship. Now, the last of the Free Scientists are in a race to leave Earth before they are hunted down.

The Stars are Ours! by Andre Norton


Alien Secrets

Hush is the first Shoowa to return home after generations of captivity and slavery. He carries his people’s symbol of freedom, a statuette called the Soowa’asha. When it is stolen, Hush is devastated, but he receives unexpected help from the humans Puck and Michael in the effort to recover his treasure.

Alien Secrets by Annette Curtis Klause


Enchantress from the Stars

Agents of the Federation are willing to give their lives to save a Youngling planet from conquest, as well as to conceal their existence from both the planet natives and the Youngling conquerors.

Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Engdahl


A Dark Traveling

Those of the darkband worlds have no scruples about conquering and exploiting people of parallel worlds. Jim is a nascent shapechanger, while his sister Becky is a sorceress and his foster brother Barry is a trained assassin. The three of them become pivotal participants in an effort to free a recently-conquered world.

A Dark Traveling by Roger Zelazny


Tria and the Great Star Rescue

Tria’s mother has no trouble recognizing that folks wanting unlimited power to conquer the galaxy shouldn’t have it. She hides the artifact they want and becomes a hostage. To help her mom, and find her missing best friend, Tria faces the dangers of Outside with the support of Brash, Dayla and Mr. Willoughby (the first Mobile Away-from-Home Tutor).

Tria and the Great Star Rescue by Rebecca Kraft Rector


Trouble on Titan

If the Titan colonists object to how they are treated, the Earth government can stop sending supplies. Tuck Benedict, of Earth, and David Torm, of Titan, form an unlikely friendship amidst the hostility and rebellion. What is the colonists’ secret desperate plan for freedom?

Trouble on Titan by Alan E. Nourse


Songs of Power

Unificationists have become a terrorist group trying to force one world government on the independent nations. They have released a virus that is slowly destroying food crops, resulting in governments and corporations establishing undersea habitats to research ocean food production. Imina had been training as an Inuit shaman, but now she lives in a habitat with her parents. The habitat comes under attack. Surrounded by scientists, Imina learns to stand up for who she is while trying to convince them she can help.

Songs of Power by Hilari Bell


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