On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

Nine years ago, the free land of Skree was conquered by the Fangs of Gnag the Nameless. The people of Skree were still free – as long as they were in their homes by midnight, didn’t have weapons, didn’t complain when neighbors disappeared …

Then little Leeli kicks a Fang to protect her dog Nugget. One event leads to another, Fangs are in turmoil and the whole family is on the run.

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness



Theodora didn’t apply to the Space Academy. In fact, she stunned the entire school when she asked the recruiter why anybody in their right mind would want to go. Then how does she end up with a cadet appointment and on her way into space?

D.A. by Connie Willis


The Stars are Ours!

As Kimber explains to Dard, the first Pax dictator “wanted to force his pattern for living on everyone else, for their own good, of course.” What develops is a brutal dictatorship. Now, the last of the Free Scientists are in a race to leave Earth before they are hunted down.

The Stars are Ours! by Andre Norton


A Dark Traveling

Those of the darkband worlds have no scruples about conquering and exploiting people of parallel worlds. Jim is a nascent shapechanger, while his sister Becky is a sorceress and his foster brother Barry is a trained assassin. The three of them become pivotal participants in an effort to free a recently-conquered world.

A Dark Traveling by Roger Zelazny


The Red Umbrella

Lucía wants to believe the things the newspapers claim about the revolution in Cuba: change, share the wealth, all will be fair and equal. But what she experiences does not match the promises she reads. Chants of Socialism or Death, confiscations, punishing anyone who dares to think on their own or disagree, executions of innocent men, control. How could so many smart people who supported the revolution be so wrong?

Lucía’s parents send her (with little brother Frankie) to the United States for safekeeping as part of the Pedro Pan exodus, and hope the family will be reunited before too long.

The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez


Trouble on Titan

If the Titan colonists object to how they are treated, the Earth government can stop sending supplies. Tuck Benedict, of Earth, and David Torm, of Titan, form an unlikely friendship amidst the hostility and rebellion. What is the colonists’ secret desperate plan for freedom?

Trouble on Titan by Alan E. Nourse


Hills End

The isolated Australian lumber town of Hills End is destroyed by a violent storm while the residents are en route a neighboring town picnic. Seven youngsters who stayed behind must deal with the wreckage until help can arrive.

Hills End by Ivan Southall


Flight to Freedom

1967. Communism has brought rationing, firing squads, forced agricultural labor, indoctrination, and religious persecution to Cuba. Yara’s family leaves for the United States and experiences the difficulties of becoming established in a new country.

Flight to Freedom by Ana Veciana-Suarez


Cart and Cwidder

Southern Dalemark used to be free. Now, Moril longs to reach the northern earldoms of Dalemark. For in the South “You dared not put a foot, or a word, out of place for fear of being clapped in jail. People were watching all the time to report what you said.” But the trip north does not go smoothly.

Cart and Cwidder by Diana Wynne Jones


Down the Long Hills

The wagon train has been destroyed. With three-year-old Betty Sue, a knife, a horse, and the survival skills his father taught him, seven-year-old Hardy Collins continues west with the hope of finding his father.

Down the Long Hills by Louis L’Amour


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