On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

Nine years ago, the free land of Skree was conquered by the Fangs of Gnag the Nameless. The people of Skree were still free – as long as they were in their homes by midnight, didn’t have weapons, didn’t complain when neighbors disappeared …

Then little Leeli kicks a Fang to protect her dog Nugget. One event leads to another, Fangs are in turmoil and the whole family is on the run.

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness


Escape from Communist Heaven

In communist Vietnam, fifteen-year-old Viet has survived the labor camp and been promoted to the self-motivation camp:

“Sunday was our only break in the monotony of digging, eating and sleeping. There was nothing else to do, so I spent every Sunday in the library reading the communist books. As I read, I felt bad for the people who thought they were sacrificing their lives so our country could have equality. I thought how worthless they would feel if they knew how communism had divided the people even further, allowing some people to act like gods and making others slaves.”

Escape from Communist Heaven by Dennis W. Dunivan


Rinkitink in Oz

Marauders have swept across the island kingdom of Pingaree, destroying, pillaging and capturing all the people for slaves. Except Prince Inga and the visiting King Rinkitink. Determined to rescue his parents and the people of Pingaree from slavery, Prince Inga sets off, with his visitor in tow.

Rinkitink in Oz by L. Frank Baum


The Apple and the Arrow

This is the tale of the Swiss desire for freedom from Austrian rule in 1291, and what happened when William Tell refused to bow to the duke’s hat.

The Apple and the Arrow by Mary and Conrad Buff



Earth policies have become intolerable and the colonial worlds are beginning to rebel. One thing leads to another, and the rough-edged individualists of the frontier world Greenwood are drawn into the struggle for independence.

Patriots by David Drake


The Extra-Ordinary Princess

The people of the kingdom of Reede forgot what it felt like to be free. Is that what has happened in Gossling, or will the people fight for their freedom from Count Raven?

The Extra-Ordinary Princess by Carolyn Q. Ebbitt


The Stars are Ours!

As Kimber explains to Dard, the first Pax dictator “wanted to force his pattern for living on everyone else, for their own good, of course.” What develops is a brutal dictatorship. Now, the last of the Free Scientists are in a race to leave Earth before they are hunted down.

The Stars are Ours! by Andre Norton


The Wall

Artist Peter Sís remembers growing up under totalitarianism in Prague. There were bugged telephones, government lies and corruption, informers, fear and secret police.

The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain by Peter Sís


The Shadow of Fomor

The Fomoiri are poised to enslave the Middle Kingdom despite the best efforts of the Danaan. Confronted with a conflict and beings from Irish legends, Rick and Moira struggle through challenges as they try to help each other.

The Shadow of Fomor by Tom McGowen


Red Kite, Blue Kite

Tai Shan’s great joy is to fly kites with his Baba. Even when his father is sent to a labor camp during the Cultural Revolution, Tai Shan flies his kite so Baba can see it. Eventually, his father is freed and they can fly kites together again.

Red Kite, Blue Kite by Ji-li Jiang


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